News Roundup: New and Improved Touch ID

Last week at Mobile ID World we got our first look at Apple’s new iPhones (and their new and improved Touch ID biometrics) while mobile and biometric payments made up the brunt of the news. Android Pay launched and the Natural Security Alliance was in the headlines too.

Here’s a look back on last week’s biggest mobile identity management news:

iPhones of the Future

Touch IDOn Wednesday Tim Cook and company took the stage in Cupertino to announce the newest iPhones – the iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6s Plus – and along with them the second generation Touch ID biometric sensor. Touch ID might not be the only biometric modality shipping with the latest Apple smartphone, however, with rumors circulating about iOS 9’s potential voice recognition unlock feature. Even though it’s just September and we’re a whole year away from the next iPhone, we got our first tease about the iPhone 7 last week too, specifically concerning the future handset’s size.

iPhone 6S Touch ID Twice as Fast

Voice Recognition May Be Coming to New iPhones

iPhone to Slim Down in 2016


Mobile payments, online banking.Not to be outdone by Apple, Google announced the launch of its hotly anticipated next generation mobile wallet: Android Pay. This came on the heels of some hints in the newest version of Google Play that the mobile app store will soon be authenticating online purchases via Android M enabled fingerprint biometrics.

PayPal was in the news last week too with the launch of a mobile e-Transfer service. Meanwhile Bank of America announced fingerprint sensor support for its Android app and TSI joined the Natural Security Alliance. All of that and more made last week’s top stories all about payments.

Android Pay Launches in US

Cartes Outlines Trends of Upheaval in Payments, Banking

Natural Security Standard to Boost TSI e-Wallet Capabilities

PayPal Launches Mobile e-Transfer Service

Bank of America Embraces Mobile Biometrics

Google Play Update Hints at Fingerprint Authentication for Purchases

Phone Talk

Smartphone in CarAll summer we have been reporting on an incredible number of smartphone integrations of fingerprint sensor technology, and even as we reach the halfway point of September there doesn’t seem to be any sign of this trend slowing down. Last week we reported on two new integrations of Fingerprint Cards and Precise Biometrics technology, while ZTE’s Axon Elite handset – which features fingerprint and eye vein biometrics – won an IFA award.

FPC1025 Sensor on New ivvi Phone

Huawei G7 Plus Features Precise BioMatch Mobile

Precise Biometrics Announces Another BioMatch Mobile Integration

Multimodal ZTE Smartphone Wins IFA Award

Speaking of Mobility

speech and voice in articleFinally, last week we reported on some big news in the world of voice recognition, with AGNITiO officially announcing that it has completed the sale of its KIVOX Mobile technology to Cirrus Logic.

AGNITiO Sells KIVOX Mobile Technology To Cirrus Logic


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