News Roundup: Eye-Based Biometrics and Mobile FinTech

Last week at Mobile ID World we saw out the month of August with more big headlines from Samsung, additional industry news concerning iris biometrics, and the usual reports of fingerprint sensor smartphone integrations. FIDO specifications had us talking two-factor authentication too, and a mass of FinTech stories filled out our weekly coverage.

Here’s a look back on all the top mobile ID industry news from the week that was:


News Roundup: Eye-Based Biometrics and Mobile FinTechTwo major happenings put Samsung front and center in the news last week. The Korean OEM launched its latest wearable device, the Gear S3, while, on a more dour note, the company officially halted sales of its Galaxy Note7 smartphone after reports of battery malfunctions. We also reported on Samsung’s latest Tizen OS update, and got an inside look at how the company perceives its rivals in the mPayments space.

Samsung Halts Sales of Galaxy Note7

Samsung Seeks to Foster Development with Tizen Refresh

Samsung Emphasizes Design in Gear S3 Announcement

Samsung Pay Team Talks MST, Rivals

Eye-Based Biometrics

News Roundup: Eye-Based Biometrics and Mobile FinTechIris biometrics were a fixture of the news in August, and that remained true up to the very end. Last week HOMTOM announced a new handset featuring built-in iris biometrics while a new partnership brought EyeLock’s iris technology to Tyco Integrated Security’s offerings. Staying in the realm of the eye, last week we also saw a partnership struck between BioConnect and EyeVerify, whose software authenticates users based on ocular vein patterns.

BioConnect Partners With EyeVerify

Partnership Will See EyeLock’s Biometrics Offered To Tyco Customers

HOMTOM Announces Iris Scanning Smartphone

Internet of Things and Wearable Tech

News Roundup: Eye-Based Biometrics and Mobile FinTechA new smart home hub, reminiscent of Amazon’s Echo, was launched last week featuring the first speech-respondent AI that can understand Korean. Staying on the topic of our increasingly connected world and biometrics used for purposes other than authentication, Jabra launched new wireless earbuds sporting vital biometric technology from Valencell.

NUGU Smart Home Hub Features AI That Understands Korean

Valencell Biometric Tech Finds Its Way Into More Earbuds

Smartphone Fingerprints

News Roundup: Eye-Based Biometrics and Mobile FinTechFingerprint Cards and Precise Biometrics made headlines last week with their respective biometric fingerprint technologies having been integrated into multiple new handsets. We also saw another step taken toward the much anticipated biometric display sensor, with Synaptics announcing that it is currently sampling its under-glass fingerprint sensor.

Motorola Moto Z Play Features FPC Biometric Sensor

Nubia’s Z11 Black Gold Smartphone Features FPC Biometrics

New LG X Fast Smartphone Maintains Biometrics Setup

Synaptics’ Under-Glass Fingerprint Sensor Goes into Sampling


News Roundup: Eye-Based Biometrics and Mobile FinTechApple Pay and Android Pay powered purchases are on the rise according to a new report from Juniper Research, but Australian banks are still resisting the former of the two options. Last week Apple responded to the Australian Banks’ efforts to demand use of iPhone NFC technology on their own mPayment apps—a crucial component to any mobile wallet attempting to launch on iOS. Mastercard, meanwhile, credited its efforts in digital payments for its increased ranking on Forbes’ innovative companies list, as Nequi integrated IdentityX biometrics for mobile banking login, and we saw biometrics protecting the blockchain.

Digital Innovations Bump Mastercard Up Innovation Rankings

Apple Pay, Android Pay Purchases to Rise 15X Between 2016-18: Report

Apple Responds to Australian Banks’ Cartel Efforts as ANZ Expands Support

Daon’s IdentityX Biometrics To Protect Nequi Accounts

Biometrics Boost Reliability of Blockchain Platform

Strong Online Authentication

News Roundup: Eye-Based Biometrics and Mobile FinTechThe FIDO Alliance made the news last week too. We reported on Yubico’s promotion of the U2F authentication standard at the recent Oktane16 technology innovation conference. Furthermore, we examined the benefits that the Alliance’s new board member, Feitian Technologies, brings to the organization’s efforts in Asia.

Yubico, Okta Promote U2F Standard

New Board Member Feitian Technologies Offers FIDO Influence in China


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