News Roundup: Smartphone Integrations, Innovation

Last week at Mobile ID World we brought an end to Mobile Revolution Month with a look ahead to where the mobile biometrics boom is taking the industry. In the industry news we saw new smartphone integrations, big mCommerce news and a number of headlines spanning a great range of modalities.

Here’s a look back on the week that was in mobile ID:


Mobile payments, online banking.

Last week we reported on the Samsung Pay beta that is now underway in the United States while Apple Pay continued to gain traction thanks to PayAnywhere support. MasterCard and Visa were in the news with the former trialing mPayments at a PGA event and the latter approving INSIDE Secure’s MatrixHCE payment solution. PayPal wasn’t one to be left out either, dramatically expanding its OneTouch service.

MasterCard Promotes mPayment System at Barclays Tournament

Samsung Pay US Beta Underway

Upgraded PayAnywhere Lets iOS Devices Accept Apple Pay

PayPal Dramatically Expands One Touch Service

INSIDE Secure Turns Smartphones Into Visa Cards


Mobile BiometricsIn smartphone news last week we learned from new leaks that Sony is aiming to continue the trend of mounting fingerprint sensors on the side of handsets while the Meizu MX5 debuted in India. Fingerprint Cards AB (FPC) and Precise Biometrics were in the news yet again, further cementing their hold on China’s mobile fingerprint biometrics, announcing integrations on three handsets from QiKu

New Sony Smartphone Jumps on Side Sensor Bandwagon

FPC Sensors On Three QiKu Smartphones

Precise BioMatch Mobile Integrated Into Three New Phones

Meizu MX5 Makes Debut in India


Fingerprint protection icons on green background. Vector illustration.

Continuing to look at fingerprint technology news, NEXT Biometrics announced its latest innovation: a line of ultra-thin sensor designs. CardLogix added biometric capabilities to its smart card platform last week too, while Precise announced a strategic alliance with JP Sensor Corporation. Apple also had its share of fingerprint buzz last week having been awarded a new patent describing advanced Touch ID functionality.

New Patent Demonstrates Advanced Touch ID Biometrics

JP Sensor Licenses Precise Biometrics Tech

CardLogix Adds Biometric Capabilities to Smart Card Platform

Ultra-Thin Fingerprint Sensor Designs Introduced by NEXT

NEXT Biometrics Q2 Results Reflect Product Line Changeup

Fingerprint Access Control Market Growing Considerably

Multimodal Biometrics

Biometric Authentication BannersWindows 10 continued to wow us last week with reports that its Windows Hello facial recognition can pass the twin test. ImageWare detailed its upcoming trip to the 2015 Liolio Gateway Conference, Nok Nok Labs announced a successful series C round of financing, and a new report from Tractica painted a rosy picture for voice and speech recognition markets. All of that and the news that organizations in the EMEA region are increasingly looking to behavioral biometrics helped make last week’s industry news diverse from a modality standpoint.

EMEA Organizations Look to Behavior Analytics

ImageWare to Woo Investors at Liolio Conference

A Wealth of Opportunities for Speech and Voice Recognition

Nok Nok Labs Raises $16.25M in Series C Financing Round

Twins Can’t Fool Windows Hello


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