News Roundup: iPhone 6S Versus The Ground

Last week at Mobile ID World mCommerce dominated the news with headlines from each of the big mobile wallet competitors. The Apple iPhone 6S models were released and crash tested in a Canadian mall while fingerprint sensors continued to proliferate the Chinese smartphone market.

Here is a look back on last week’s’ biggest stories in mobile digital identity.


Mobile payments, online banking.Samsung took a shot at Apple Pay in the latest ad for its own mobile wallet, Samsung Pay, while impressive transaction numbers came in after its first month of activity. Alibaba made a move against Apple too with the launch of its Pay Watch, a wearable aimed specifically to popularize the AliPay payments platform. Additionally, the marketplace giant expressed its further interest in biometrics by inviting EyeVerify CEO Toby Rush to speak at its upcoming conference.

PayPal’s plans to create an e-Commerce solution for China made the news last week while an executive from the company called for the end of passwords. All of that had us talking about mobility, finance and biometrics while Visa introduced Olympic hopefuls to its next gen commerce solutions.

Samsung Pay Swipes at Apple Pay in New Ad

$30m in Transactions in Samsung Pay’s First Month

Alibaba Launches Pay Watch to Promote Alipay

PayPal Plans e-Commerce Solution for China

PayPal Exec Calls for End of Passwords

EyeVerify CEO to Speak at Alibaba Conference

Pivotal Payments Offers Android Pay Support

2016 Olympics Provides Platform for New Visa Tech


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The Apple iPhone 6S and 6S Plus launched around the world on Friday and it has already been thrown from the second floor of a Canadian shopping mall in the name of a consumer conducted  crash test video. PNC Bank, National Association, announced last week that its PINACLE mobile banking app supports Touch ID biometric login and we received confirmation that Apple is indeed working on its long rumored electric car.

Touch ID Improving PINACLE Banking App

New iPhones Hit Stores, Pavement

Yes, Apple is Making an Electric Car


unsplash_mobileIn smartphone ID news last week we heard once again from Fingerprint Cards and Precise Biometrics, whose respective biometric technologies are featured on the new Meizu Pro 5. We reported on the Brivo Mobile Pass, which transforms smartphones into physical access credentials, and OmniVision launced a USB iris sensor that can be used to bolster handset security with eye-based biometrics

Meizu Pro 5 Features FPC Sensor

Precise Biometrics Tech Draws Repeat Customer

China-Based Fingerprint Sensor Makers Aim for More Marketshare

Brivo Turns Smartphones into Door Keys

OmniVision Launches Iris Scanner for Mobile Devices


Google made headlines last week with the announcement via its blog that the company’s speech recognition has been greatly improved. The company also welcomed Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Silicon Valley. Modi, who is well known for his initiatives in digital identity (including support of Aadhaar national ID), will be meeting with Google CEO Sundar Pichai on his visit to California.

Google Improves Speech Recognition with RNN Tech

Google Welcomes Indian PM to Silicon Valley

Vertical Momentum

HiResIn terms of vertical markets last week we saw facial recognition poised to bolster enterprise-facing solutions while we reported on Precise Biometrics’ Tactivo readers which are being implemented in the Swedish municipality of Landskrona.

BioID and Branddocs Produce ‘Face-to-Face Digital Signing’

Swedish Town Tests Out Tactivo for Healthcare Workers


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