News Roundup: The Big News From Apple, Samsung and Google

Last week marked Apple’s springtime townhall event which brought with it a slew of mobile announcements. Samsung and Google, not to be left behind, had their share in the headlines too, while FinTech and multimodal authentication rounded out the industry news.


The Big News From Apple, Samsung and Google

Apple announced its latest iPad Pro device on Monday.

Apple execs took to the iconic keynote stage in Cupertino last Monday to make some major announcements. Apple unveiled a new iPhone with Touch ID, a new version of iOS 9 (with biometric access features), and a new iPad Pro. The event also brought with it the announcement that the company is working with 23andMe to incorporate genetic data into its ResearchKit platform.

Of course, as soon as Apple makes an announcement, new rumors are never far behind. Last week we began to hear rumblings that the company is readying for a mobile website version of its Apple Pay mCommerce platform – a rumor that, if true, could be game changing in the realm of mobile payments,

New Product Launches Cap Big Month for Apple

How Biometrics Factor into the New iPhone SE

New Peripherals Make iPad Pro Shine

Apple Incorporates Genetic Data Into ResearchKit Platform

Apple Reportedly Preparing Apple Pay For Mobile Websites


The Big News From Apple, Samsung and Google

Samsung’s Gear S2 smartwatch.

Samsung wasn’t left out of the news last week while Apple was making waves. We saw a new connected vehicle innovation designed to bring motorcycles up to date and Internet ready: the smart windshield. Samsung’s wearables made headlines too, with the company issuing an update on the state of its Gear S2 smartwatch and also introducing us to its brainBAND headgear accessory aimed at detecting brain trauma – an emerging use case for wearable tech and vital sign biometrics.

Samsung Smart Windshield Connects Users’ Phones to Their Motorbikes

Samsung Boasts of App Proliferation on Gear S2 Smartwatch

Samsung brainBAND Designed to Aid Concussion Research

Google and Android

The Big News From Apple, Samsung and Google

The Michael Kors Access smartwatch (image via Business Wire)

Google had its share in the fun last week too, opening up its speech recognition tech to third party developers and gathering support in the UK for its Android Pay mobile wallet. In Google supported wearables, we got a look last week at the new Michael Kors Access smartwatch – a wrist mounted gadget that marries Android Wear to the world of luxury accessories.

Google Offers Open Access to Speech Tech

Google Gathers Support for UK Launch of Android Pay

New Michael Kors Watch Runs on Android Wear


The Big News From Apple, Samsung and Google

MasterCard Identity Check, aka Selfie Pay, allows users to authenticate online payments with finger or face recognition.

SpeechPro and Xura have partnered to eliminate financial passwords with face and voice biometrics. Last week we also saw the fruits of another partnership: MasterCard and BMO Financial Group announced they have started to rollout the highly anticipated Identity Check online payment verification solution, otherwise known as Selfie Pay.

Xura and SpeechPro Replacing Financial Passwords with Biometrics

MasterCard and BMO Rolling Out Selfie Pay

Strong Authentication

The Big News From Apple, Samsung and GoogleIn strong authentication news last week we saw the UK government enable FIDO Certified second factor support for its GOV.UK Verify online services platform. Fingerprint Cards (FPC) revealed that its biometric sensor has been built in to the new 360 F4 smartphone, and ImageWare Systems announced that it has become an Amazon Web Services Technology Partner. Finally, last week we also reported on Entertech Systems’ recent rebranding as BioConnect, embarking on a quest of what it calls “Rightful Identity.”

ImageWare Joins AWS Partner Network

BioConnect Embarks on “Quest for Rightful Identity”

UK Government Enables U2F Support for Online Services

360’s New F4 Mobile Device Features FPC1035


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