News Roundup: Dropbox, MasterCard, Huawei

Last week at Mobile ID World we continued Mobile Revolution Month with a look at the role of software solutions in the biometric boom that has shaped the mobile identity industry. Meanwhile, in the industry news section, payments remained a fixture while Samsung, Apple and Huawei made their share of big headlines.

Here’s a look back on last week’s top stories in mobile identity management:

Payment Tech

News Roundup: Dropbox, MasterCard, HuaweiAs we approach the one year anniversary of the Apple Pay announcement, the mobile wallet continues to gain support with new partners. In Australia things aren’t running as smoothly as they are elsewhere, with the nation’s banks playing hardball in negotiating Apple’s share of transaction fees. PayPal acquired Modest last week, MasterCard and First Tech announced a collaboration on a Selfie Pay system, and we reported on the official Samsung Pay release dates.

Apple Pay Losing Ground in Australia as Banks Play Hardball

Eighteen More Institutions Sign On For Apple Pay

Startup’s ‘Buy Buttons’ Draw PayPal Acquisition

First Tech and MasterCard Pilot ‘Selfie Pay’ System

Samsung Pay Gets Official Release Date(s)

Strong Online Authentication

Strong Online AuthenticationThe FIDO Alliance was in the news last week. Sensory’s TrulySecure biometric platform received the Alliance’s UAF (Universal Authentication Factor) certification and we reported on Dropbox’s support of the FIDO U2F (Universal Second Factor) standard for user authentication.

iWallet and NEXT Biometrics’ new partnership has already become productive, with the former announcing the new authentication device which features the latter’s fingerprint sensors. Meanwhile, 1Password added enhanced Touch ID support in its latest upgrade while we reported on a new platform called I Am Real which leverages facial recognition and social analytics to mitigate fraud.

Multimodal Sensory Platform Gets FIDO UAF Certification

iWallet Looks Beyond ‘Techcessories’ With New NEXT-Powered Device

I Am Real Leverages Facial Recognition and Social Media Activity for Authentication

1Password Upgrade Points to Rise of Biometrics

Dropbox Embraces FIDO U2F Standard

Samsung News

(image via

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (image via

Last week we brought you news on how Samsung devices will be taking advantage of Android M and its native fingerprint capabilities. We also reported on the newly announced Galaxy Note 5 which is one of the smartphones that Samsung is offering to iPhone users to try out for the low, low price of a dollar.

Galaxy Note 5 Recycles Galaxy S6 Hardware

Samsung Offers Almost-Free Trial of Galaxy Devices

Android M Uses Fingerprint Authentication for App Access

The Apple Watch

The Apple WatchSome Apple Watch users have reported that the logo on their Apple Watch Sport is scratching off, but that doesn’t stop the Cupertino wearable from being the most popular smartwatch out there. A new report from Tractica weighed in on how the Apple Watch is poised for the rest of the year, and the outlook is positive.

Apple Logo Scratching Off Some Apple Watch Models

Apple Watch to Dominate Smartwatch Market in 2015: Tractica

Honoring Fingerprints

Honoring FingerprintsThe Huawei Honor 7i was launched last week and it came sporting a sensor from Fingerprint Cards supported by software from its partner Precise Biometrics. Both biometrics companies went on record with their Q2 2015 financial results as well, and while both were positive, FPC’s fiscal update brought very remarkable numbers: a 912 percent revenue increase over the same period last year.

Honor 7i Experiments with Side-Mounted Fingerprint Sensor, Reversible Camera

Precise Biometrics Finds Repeat Customer in Huawei

Huawei Honor 7i Uses FPC Fingerprint Sensor

Fingerprint Cards Posts Exceptional Fiscal Update

Precise Biometrics Cuts Losses in Q2 Results


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