News Roundup: Money20/20 Europe and Beyond

Last week Mobile ID World was in Copenhagen for Money20/20 Europe where it became undeniable that identity tech is becoming inextricably linked to financial services. ISC West took place last week too, and contributing editor Darrell Geusz brought us reporting from the floor in Las Vegas. Rounding out the news we had Internet of Things, fingerprint sensor smartphones and even more FinTech headlines.

Here’s a look back on last week in mobile identity management:

Money20/20 Europe

News Roundup: Money20/20 Europe and Beyond

Mobile ID World president Peter O’Neill hosted a biometrics panel at Money20/20 Europe last week with experts from Daon, HSBC, BehavioSec, and Agnitio. The whole conference was very focused on the role of identity in finance, and during the various talks and demonstrations we observed an emerging tension between the various mobile wallet solutions proliferating the global payment markets.

The following features and news items will give you a clear idea of how identity and finance collided in Copenhagen last week,

Money20/20 Europe in Pictures

Money20/20 Europe: Android Pay Handsfree is Easier Than Tapping

Money20/20 Europe: MasterCard on Authentication, Mobility and Inclusion

Money20/20 Europe: TOC Biometrics Shows of Approve App

Money20/20 Europe: Diebold Presents Its Irving Mobile-Based ATM

Money20/20 Europe: Alipay Prepares Expansion Into Europe

Money20/20 Europe: 4 Things We Learned About Samsung Pay

Physical Access and ISC West

News Roundup: Money20/20 Europe and Beyond

Virtual badge technology was a hot topic at ISC West 2016.

Physical access control was also a major force in the news last week, with ISC West taking place in Las Vegas. Virtual badge technology was a major focus of the conference, and we saw a new integration for SRI Identity’s IOM Access Control Tablet. Outside of Las Vegas we were still talking about mobile ID and physical access, reporting on a new pilot project of HID Global’s mobile access technology in Milan.

ISC West: Your Mobile Device as Your Identity

IOM Access Control Tablet Compatible With Galaxy Control Systems Tech

ISC West: Usher Is Compatible With Wide Range of Access Control Platforms

Vodafone Italy Tests Out HID Global’s Mobile Access Control

Identity and Authentication

News Roundup: Money20/20 Europe and BeyondThe FIDO Alliance announced last week that it has reached yet another milestone, with 150 FIDO Certified products now available around the world. Meanwhile, HID Global launched a mobile identity solutions initiative that encompasses solutions with secure documents applications.

HID Global Launches Mobile Identity Solutions Initiative

There Are Now 150 FIDO Certified Products on the Market

IoT and Wearables

News Roundup: Money20/20 Europe and BeyondWearable biometric technology specialist Valencell bolstered its IP portfolio with five new patents last week. Meanwhile, in IoT news, a new survey provided us with insights into how consumers view the burgeoning smart home market.

Consumers Anticipate Benefits, Privacy Compromises of Smart Home: Survey

Valencell Gets Approval for Five New Patents


News Roundup: Money20/20 Europe and BeyondFinance and identity wasn’t simply confined to Money20/20 Europe last week. WooCommerce enabled PayPal, Global Payments offered Samsung Pay support in China, Barclays began supporting Apple Pay, and Gemalto teamed with Worldline to help facilitate mobile wallet card onboarding. Morpho (Safran) announced a financial biometrics demonstration tour in Paris, Wells Fargo won an award for its use of biometric authentication in its CEO app, and we saw mobile payment tech positioned to enable mCommerce at the upcoming Coachella festival.

Global Payments Offers Samsung Pay Support in China

PayPal Cancels North Carolina Facility in Protest Over Legislation

WooCommerce Enables PayPal Support

Barclays’ Apple Pay Support Finally Arrives

Gemalto, Worldline Team Up to Facilitate Card Onboarding on Mobile Wallets

MorphoWave Payments Demo To Tour Paris

Coachella Offers Rich Promotional Opportunity for Apple Pay with Square Partnership

Barlow Research Associates Lauds Wells Fargo’s Biometrics Tech

Fingerprint Biometrics

News Roundup: Money20/20 Europe and BeyondIt’s just not a week in mobile identity without the announcement of a new fingerprint sensor smartphone integration. Fingerprint Cards’ FPC1245 sensor is featured on the new OPPO F1 Plus, as well as two new Huawei handsets. The company also announced an upgrade to its own fingerprint biometrics algorithm. Speaking of fingerprint biometrics software, Precise Biometrics entered into a new licensing agreement with MStar Semiconductor last week too.

Fingerprint Cards Upgrades Algorithm

OPPO F1 Plus Features FPC1245 Fingerprint Sensor

Precise Biometrics Licences Tech to MStar Semiconductor


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