Mobile ID News Roundup: Money20/20 and Biometric Clothing

This past week there were two major industry conferences, a ton of mCommerce news and some nifty announcements from the realm of wearable tech and smartphones. In the featured articles section we kicked off our month long look into the exciting and sometimes strange world of vital biometrics while also taking the time to talk about Visa’s magical future of consumer finance.

Here are the top mobile ID industry news stories from the week ending November 8, 2014.

Money and Mobility

iStock_Credit CardsThe topic of the week here at Mobile ID World was clearly mobile commerce. With Money20/20 showcasing a strong biometric technology presence and serving as a platform for some major announcements, how could it not be? From the world’s first wearable biometric payment solution that will let users pay with their heartbeat to a sold out biometrics and payment panel hosted by Mobile ID World president Peter O’Neill, money was the hot subject of the week in Las Vegas and around the Internet.

Money20/20: The Future of Payments Will Be Magical

Introducing The World’s First Wearable Biometric Payment Solution, An Interview With Andrew D’Souza, President of Bionym

FindBiometrics and Mobile ID World Take Biometrics to Money20/20

AGNITiO to Talk, Money to Walk, at Money20/20

Gemalto to Discuss NFC and EMV Payment Issues at Money20/20 Facial Recognition Feature to Gratify Service Industry Professionals

Digimarc Mobile Payment System Emphasizes ‘Line-of-Sight’ Security

NuData’s Behavioural Biometrics System Offers Passive Authentication

Bionym Announces Wearable Biometric mCommerce Trial

American Express Prepares for Ascent of Online and Mobile Transactions

Policy Change in China Presents Opportunity for Apple and Alibaba

POS Tech Provider Anticipating 2015 Regulations with Latest Products

Vital Biometrics

November will be Vital Biometrics Month here at Mobile ID World. To go along with our usual primer, this week’s industry news featured stories on biometric clothing, a new fitness tracker from Jawbone and Microsoft’s new Smartwatch-like wearable.

Vital Biometrics Month: The Primer

Jawbone Fitness Trackers to Use Highly Advanced Biometric Sensors

Microsoft Band a Bit Like a Smartwatch

LifeBEAM Unveils Hat and Visor with Biometric Sensors

OMsignal’s Biometric Shirt Ready for Mass Market

Smartphones, Smart Watches, Smart Cards, Smart Business

Rounding out this mCommerce-heavy week we had news regarding smartphones, the OOB authentication market, biometric smart cards and a big OEM acquisition. Samsung announced its new Gear S wearable, Idex made the news with a smart card developed by its partner Card Tech that features an embedded fingerprint sensor and Lenovo acquired Motorola.

Take a look at these news items from the past week the sample a diverse range of mobile ID topics.

Samsung May Hit Reset on Galaxy Line

Major Growth Expected for OOB Authentication Market

Samsung Heads Off Apple Watch with Gear S

Biometric Security Renders Meizu MX4 Obsolete; Long Live the MX4 Pro

Biometric Smart Card Prototype Ready Ahead of the Curve

B2B Payment Solutions Provider Nudging Clients Towards Digital Future

Cheaper Tech and Lenovo Rescue Offer Second Chance for Motorola

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